Add Luxury Bedroom Rugs

The primary design feature of rugs, carpets and bedside runners is to accentuate the floor. Though the floor occupies the most amount of space in the house, you don’t really notice it. Ditto for the ceiling. The floor is brought into sharp focus when there is a gorgeous rug under the center table in the living room, or a carpet in the living room but not in the adjoining kitchen, or even a bedside runner. It draws attention to itself, and the eye then tends to sweep the rest of the floor and notice the layout of the house. You could get an attractive carpet from our Esperanza collection, which helps accentuate your floors.

Carpets and rugs are ideal when you wish to decorate the floor and add a layering element. The layering elements most commonly in use are couch rugs, wall drapes and curtains. These make the house come alive and look really elegant – now add a carpet to the mix and see the style level of the room go up several notches. We recommend the SPACES multipurpose runner that elevates your home decor.

Small Bedroom Rugs For Style

This kids’ bedroom with a subtle space theme is designed in a smart way without being over the top. The decor and furnishing add pops of color and fun to a neutral color palette. A small round bedroom rug to go with the heavy center table contributes to the fun quotient of this design.

Enhance The Problem Areas

If you have a problem with your floor, such as damaged tiles, a simple solution is to cover it up with a rug. These carpets should complement and harmonize with the rest of the room’s decor. Rugs, however, are yours to keep if you decide to move out of your current home.

Carpeting the area around an unattractive stain or blemish might be an excellent way to hide it. However, you should notify your landlord if any floor section is damaged. Tripping hazards on floors should be repaired rather than just covered over to prevent accidents.

If you’re serious about your bedroom light, then you should search about the materials used and how they’re constructed. Many luxury bedroom light fixtures also have the ability to adjust their beam length, so you can adjust the light output to create an impressive light show.

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