Do rugs make a room look smaller

Rugs have magic powers. Aside from breathing necessary warmth and homeliness into any room (even in modern and minimalist homes), softening even the most sterile environment, they also have the power to tie together a room and color scheme, inject color into an otherwise bland room, help tone down an otherwise cluttered space, can be used to divide large spaces into cosier areas in loft and open plan living spaces, and they can even make a room feel smaller or more spacious – depending on their size and where you place them.

Use Large Decorative Pieces, Not Small Ones

Small decorations and nick knacks can quickly clutter a room, making it look smaller than ever. To make a room seem bigger, use the triangle rule of symmetry with styling vignettes on dressers, nightstands, dining tables, or coffee tables. Limit your d├ęcor to no more than 5 items and be sure not to cover every single surface of your home with decorative accents. To make a small living room, a small bedroom, or a small family room appear bigger, let it “breathe.” Remember, this is more!

Wall art can make or break a room. For that reason, you’ll want to use large art pieces and wall accents rather than smaller ones. If you only have small art and don’t want to buy more or simply are not a fan of large art, then limit the small art to just one wall. Keep in mind that it’s okay to leave walls blank.

Modern bedroom

You do not need to fill every wall with art. Doing so will only make it appear overwhelming and cluttered.

Keep The Front Legs Of Your Furniture Over The Rug

Placing the edge of the rug under the front legs of your furniture does two things – it creates a smoother transition between the rug and the furniture and also connects the different pieces of furniture together. This helps create a better sense of proportion in that space, which works very well to make the space look bigger.

Persian rugs can help liven up any space, no matter how small. The key to using Persian rugs to make a small space look bigger lies in choosing the right size and color of rug and experimenting with the right way to place it within that small space./

Using Area Rugs Instead Of Carpet

We don’t recommend using area rugs to fill a room, and using several small rugs will make the floor look cluttered and smaller, but if you want to fill a room with one big rug, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First to consider is size. Most people choose a rug that’s too small, which makes the visual lines of the flooring look choppy and disjointed. In a living room, for example, you want a rug that extends to the back of the sofa, not just the space between the front of the sofa and the wall.

Should A Rug Fill the Whole Room?

Yes, filling a room with a large rug is an option that ensures that the carpet covers the majority of the furniture.

If you are interested in other principles of laying out a rug effectively in any given space, check out these “rug rules.”

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