Does grey make a room look bigger

It’s an obvious pick for a reason. Light colors make a room look bigger because they reflect the light, says Wendy Robinson, who offers a little science as to why. “There is a measurement called light Reflectance Value that defines the percentage of light reflected off a painted surface on a scale of one to 100,” the co-founder and co-principal designer behind How We Haventells me. An LRV of 100 would be pure white, she continues. “This is way too strong for a room”-but you get the gist. White reflects light and broadens a space’s capacity. Robinson and her co-founder and co-principal designer Lyndsay Scott choose whites that are a bit lower on the LRV scale, say around 80 to 90, so they have a bit more warmth.

Paint Picks: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and Benjamin Moore Dove White


When in doubt, you usually can’t go wrong with neutrals – and that includes taupe. One of the lighter neutrals, taupe has a unique ability to make rooms feel more expansive than they really are, adding in just the subtlest hint of color in the process.

It’s hardly traditional, but lavender is a muted shade with bold appeal and adds a breath of fresh air-plus the illusion of more square feet-to your space. Tone it down by sticking to a cooler shade, or go warm if your room could use a bit more coziness.


Aria is a light, true, icy white with a gray-blue undertone and pairs well with grays and tans.

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Chalky Blue is a saturated, shaded, stormy blue with a navy undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a monochromatic look.

Light Gray

The key to making gray work in your favor is to use it wisely. If you cover every wall with a dark gray, your space could end up looking small and cramped.

Instead, consider selecting a light, airy gray paint color for your small space. Here are a couple suggestions.


Natural light is one of the best ways to make a room look bigger. Remove the blinds and allow light to flow into your space. If possible, add some skylights to the room so that light can stream in from above.

When working with artificial lighting, place a few lamps around the room rather than one light overhead. Multiple light sources help expand the feel of the room and create ambient and even lighting.

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