What accent wall is in 2022

Looking for something really creative for your home? Then, a half accent wall will look just amazing behind your bed, dining corner or living room sofa.

Choose a chic or elegant color you can pair with white and get creative with an imperfect accent wall that will make your home more original and will make your furniture and deco elements really stand out.

Railings by Farrow & Ball

Black is a perennially popular choice for accent walls because it’s timeless and provides a major impact. Black paint on an accent wall gives off an illusion of depth because it contrasts so sharply with lighter elements in the room. It does, however, tend to absorb light rather than reflect it like lighter colors do, so it’s best used in spaces that have plenty of natural light. Railings by Farrow & Ball is described by the brand as a “soft black” that’s “more blue than black.” It’s inspired by the color of ironwork and makes for a dramatic yet classic addition to any interior space.

Accent Wall Ideas with Tile and Brick

You would think tile accent walls would only be in the bathroom right? Well, there were a ton of accent walls with tile over the bar areas in the homes.

Elegant Bedroom

The most popular material was brick!

I think this one might be my favorites, with the industrial shelves on the brick wall. I also love that countertop! On the left side of the picture, you can see the nook where there is a beer tap, they put that same brick inside that nook!

Wallpaper Wall

Another popular accent wall concept that has made a strong reappearance this year is wallpaper accent walls. Wallpaper has gone a long way, and more and more people are utilizing it for accent walls.

Wallpaper accent walls can be used to enhance the beauty and appeal of any room in your house. These are fantastic since they come in so many different designs, plans, and patterns to pick from.

Dark navy blue color

On the other hand, if you strive for a brighter and fresher bedroom look, consider choosing a bold aqua paint color. Those light yet showy blue tones are an outstanding way to add a splash of color in a neutrally toned bedroom.

Take into consideration that the blue color itself works perfectly with furniture in sandy, white, brown or other warm tones. This combination will bring a relaxing and beachy vibe into your bedroom.

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