What makes a home timeless

Neutral colors are timeless because they work with any style or color palette. With a neutral wall color, you can change up other colors in the room without having to repaint. A neutral sofa color allows you to introduce colorful new pillows, rugs, and accessories to completely change up your look, without having to decorate around your sofa color. If you want to get the most flexibility from your wall colors and furniture, choose neutral shades!

Source: Better Homes & Garden

The art of art

Art has always been a dependable accessory. Add a painting or a pretty piece of sculpture, and even the drabbest of rooms will cheer up.

Try a blend of contemporary and classic pieces to complement and widen the spectrum of the palette used in the rest of the room. Black and white photography, vivid paintings, and other artsy handicrafts can readily balance a room’s vintage tables or antique grandfather clock. Art cannot be completely matched to the interiors. Instead, using art that is more with the times is what gives the room a completely timeless feel.

Show Off Symmetry

As humans, we’re wired to appreciate symmetry. It’s only natural then that one of the most popular timeless decorating trends is to arrange spaces symmetrically. You can start small with two pieces to achieve the look. For example, place two couches opposite each other, flank a single couch with two end tables, or place two chairs opposite a couch.

Elegant Bedroom

In the end, it’s about bringing balance to both sides of a room.

How can we create a timeless room?

Timeless is often synonymous with elegance and sophistication, it creates a sense of luxury keeping the practicality and the function of the objects and the overall space. that have been created to last, in style, design, color, and materials that were meant to last. Timeless design can be achieved using quality materials and trendy accessories with a classic and sophisticated feel.

There are a few elements common to all timelessly designed room:

What is Timeless Architecture?

The team at Columbus-based residential architecture studio YR Architecture + Design makes this point in a post on their blog. According to the architects at YR, the work of iconic designers has “a sense of something eternal” because it belongs to the land. They write that a home with timeless architecture “has a strong sense of place.” This sense of place “is reflected in its geometry, material usage, historical context, and connection to its surrounding landscape.”

As the years pass and materials age, a home rooted in its landscape becomes ever more enmeshed with its environment. This “blurs the boundary with the exterior” and compounds that sense of timelessness. Working with an architect who understands the unique qualities of your build site and the value of local materials is invaluable. An experienced architect will ensure your home relates to its surroundings and evokes that timeless feel.

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