What makes interior look cheap

Luxe Deco

Want to increase your square footage without renovating? Hang a mirror! Of course, the increased space will only be an optical illusion, but hanging a well-placed mirror can truly make a room feel not only bigger but also brighter, since it will reflect any light that hits it.

Basic Light Fixtures

Just simply upgrading a standard light fixture will elevate your home. Or adding a chandelier above your table will complete the space! Just make sure it is the right size. Going too small on a light fixture, this will actually be more distracting than going slightly oversized! We recently added THIS gold light fixture from Walmart above our sink and it instantly upgraded the look of our basic light fixture. And THIS light fixture to my friends entry, replaced her fixture that was way too small for her space, instantly upgraded her entry and lights for not a lot of money.

Mass-produced artwork

Mass-produced art can make a home look cheap, as everyone and their grandma has it. Consider curating your own photography or simply investing in genuine artwork. Check local art shows and craft fairs for affordable originals.

A rug can anchor a space and create a defined area. However, a tiny rug won’t achieve the desired effect. And a too-large rug will look like a carpet.

luxury bedroom

Designers will advise you to offer coverage for at least the front legs of your furniture.

Cluttered Shoes

Clutter in general is a no-no. Even if you have the most elegant and sophisticated decor, if it’s constantly covered in layers upon layers of clutter, it’s no point. Clutter cogs up the flow of a space and makes even the best of design choices worthless. The entryway is usually one of the most clutter prone spots. With shoes being misplaced, mismatched and thrown all around. This creates a negative impression straight from the door. On the bright side, decluttering is cheap and fairly easy. So, make sure to take the time and declutter your space more regularly.

This is a really cool storage idea to avoid shoe clutter

Bare Walls

Nothing spells ‘cheap’ louder than bare, unadorned walls. But that doesn’t mean filling them up with unoriginal quotes passing off as art. Give your bare walls an upgrade with a gallery wall of carefully chosen prints, pictures, and framed quotes, and get ready for the compliments that pour in!

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