Where should a desk be placed in a home office

When planning your office location, you need to take several things into account. Some may want a great view, while others prefer no distractions. Office size, room size and room design also greatly influence the office location.

A great view can help you feel less stuffy when working from home. It is normally the rule of thumb to have the office facing the front door, but some prefer to have a good view and face the outside window, which may be on the other side. This makes it easier to give your brain a mental break from enjoying the beautiful scenery outside the window. Sunlight can help you have a positive mood and create a better overall work environment.

Vastu Guidelines for Setting Up a Home Office

Some important factors influence both the home office environment and work efficiency. Important Vastu factors for a home office are location, colors, arrangement of furniture, lighting, desk and much more.

Vastu guidelines are instructions for setting up a home office based on science and logic. I have tried to explain each point rationally so that you can choose according to your needs.

Vastu for Home Office

1. According to Vastu Shastra, a home office should be set up in the west or southwest of the house, as it is conducive to business and steady career. Here an individual can make the best business decisions.


home office

The best colors for your home office are cream, light yellow, light green or light gold. To ensure a balanced work environment at home, a neutral color such as cream will increase engagement and respect for your work. A light yellow palette ensures good health. Light green balances the mind, body and soul as it attracts positive vibes. Light gold brings productivity and profit.

What’s Vastu’s best color for the home office?

Light, neutral colors for your home office create the right mood to help you perform at your best. For example, a cream palette increases respect and care for your work. A soothing green palette brings positive energy and good vibes. Pastel yellow brings good health and prosperity, while a pale gold color means profit and a productive work environment.

Colors to avoid: dark colors such as black and blue.

Influences of Frequency of Use Desk Placement

If you rarely use your desk, it is better to place it in a corner of a room or next to a wall. However, if the desk is the most used item in a room, it will look good in the center of a room or against the wall.

It is essential to place a desk that you use often in a comfortable place. For example, if you use your desk often, you may not want to place it where there is a lot of direct sunlight, as it can make you feel hot and uncomfortable. In addition, intense sunlight can have a negative effect on the technique.

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